Why in the world would anyone want to set up an internet system that is created by communities and managed by communities? Well there are a lot of very valid reasons and in today’s world of censorship and rising ISP costs P2P ISP networks are going to become a lot more popular. As a community we now have the tools to build a network and make it even more robust than the current system we have today. Long rang WiFi devices, blockchain, decentralized applications, encryption are just some of the basic tools available today.

What about having access to standard internet services? This can and will be done with what we call backbone nodes. Not everyone will want to host a backbone node but with backbone nodes a user can access standard ISP services. A backbone node host will have the option to limit bandwidth, require login or charge for access to the world wide web. Users have to be respectful that someone might be paying monthly ISP costs to bring these backbones into the network. We are hoping as a community those costs could be paid for from donations or P2P ISP project contributions.

  • Freedom of information
  • Lower ISP costs and in most cases free to connect and use
  • Robust network of Wifi nodes that are resistant to internet attacks and censorship
  • Reaching remote places that may not have good internet services
  • Providing access to information that may not be available in the world wide web
  • Bringing local communities into a network of self maintained nodes
  • Bringing internet to families who may not be able to afford ISP costs
  • Running decentralized applications inside the network making this type of ISP highly secure
  • Since this is community driven we can isolate the world wide web from networks further increasing security
  • Point to point communications allowing for faster and more secure transfer of information
  • Robust communication system that does not rely on corporate owned and maintained towers
  • Could be used for emergency applications where corporate ISPs have been destroyed
  • Further emphasizes decentralization and sharing of information among communities and like minded individuals
  • Can help supplement cellular data usage reducing the cost of cellular data plans placing competition on cellular providers