Linking local networks to each other to produce a decentralized network of WiFi and long range WiFi devices. Bringing the community together with enough nodes to produce a decentralized public grid.

Site isn’t here to be visually impressive. The concept is all we are out for. Its here to network like minded people to begin setting up networks. This is a community decentralized project. Lots of room for ideas and changes. Everything is BETA at this point. We need just a few people who are close to each other to start setting up networks.

It will be free to use with some nodes containing a backbone to the world wide web and other decentralized services such as IPFS and Zeronet. Our goal is to grow the project into P2P services such as blockchain applications and P2P communications that will remain inside the network.

We are still working on developing the site. We will have a way for users to upload their node information and will be posting recommended hardware and hardware settings to create a node. We will be focusing on outdoor nodes. The ability for users to connect with cellular devices will be the goal. This is a community not for profit project and it will take community effort to create node links. We hope people will participate with ideas.